A Stranger’s Kindess: EC Stilson

Based on a true story, Stilson’s romance novel portrays the hardships single mothers may endure while trying to raise their children, and possibly find a happy, romantic relationship again.
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Brian T Shirley Appearing at Happy Hour Comedy Club

Comedian, Actor, Author, and VO Artist Brian T Shirley will be performing live this weekend at the Happy Hour Comedy Club & Restaurant in Anniston, AL.
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STAREABLE — Watch Outside the Box

Stareable is a community-driven hub for web series and independent television.
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TRAEDONYA! Releases Solo Debut EP to Preorder on iTunes

Prohibition Entertainment in Association with TRAEDONYA!(aka The Bride Of New Funk Hipopera) is excited to announce the preorder for her solo debut Ep 4 Portraits.
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“On The Ropes” The Movie about Craig “Gator” Bodzianowski

“On The Ropes” - The Movie by Steve Wilburn - producer / screenwriter The true story of Polish American Craig “Gator” Bodzianowski,
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