When we notice the beauty and charm of a smile and feel the radiant charisma flowing from the spirit…

Instilled are the captured thoughts that remove all excuses of I cannot, to be in the happening as you are finally able to step back…

As we emerge into another moment in time, we leave behind memories that have shaped our character and beliefs

Wandering souls traveling through the twisted branches of life’s infinite paths

A dawning of a new day, the winds of change flow as the cool crisp coldness of life is felt in our bones

Goals and dreams we strive toward may seem unreachable and hopeless, yet the intuitive voice that guides our consciousness will push our determinations.

Take a step back and look at the big picture, this perspective will build the integrity of self-discipline required to face all fears and challenges we endure in this life.

The nuance of our majestic nature felt upon the icy streams and winding paths of our soul, the depths beyond understanding reveal signs of amazement.

When we face the realities of our darkest storms a sense of normality is cast upon our mind’s fear, we are consumed into the streets of broken dreams.